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24/02/2007  -  The site gets a re-design

06/03/2006  -  The site is back up again at it's original home. Broken links also fixed.

19/01/2003  -  Updated (finally) the high voltage page with details of our new Jacobs Ladder.

05/10.2002  -  Added remote control WebCam page to the Misc section.

14/05/2002  -  Added Misc section and item on the destruction of a Microsoft mouse using explosives.

27/04/2002  -  Started adding info in the high voltage section.

26/04/2002  -  Added section on everyday radioactive items to experiment with.

25/04/2002  -  Added info on radiation measuring units.

23/04/2002  -  Added updated info on some of the Cornish uranium mines we re-visited recently.

10/04/2002  -  Added section on finding and buying a Geiger counter.

01/04/2002  -  Added a simplified description of radiation to the radiation hunting section.

04/03/2002  -  Added info items in the radiation hunting section for Sellafield and Chernobyl.