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So, you want a Geiger counter do you?

Industrial / professional use Geiger counters such the two that we use for our experiments are surprisingly expensive to buy new.

Ivan was 663.88 GBP (including VAT and delivery) when it was new in 2002.

If you don't want to pay as much as this then there are cheaper options available. They are :

Maplin Electronics (UK) sell a Geiger counter kit (Velleman) for about 99.99 GBP (order code VF34M).

You may find a counter on Ebay.co.uk (use 'Geiger' as a search string), or on Ebay.com.

If we think of any other cheap sources, we will post them.

Ivan is a Ludlums type 3 counter with a general purpose mica-end window tube.

In the US, Ludlums counters can be purchased direct from Ludlums.com.

In other countries, you will need to find your local agent via the Ludlums website.