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Providence Mine  -  St Ives (Carbis Bay)

Ordinance Survey Landranger map 203 - Grid ref SW 526-391

Providence adit

Providence adit 2

Above , the adit containing some pitchblende which is now closed off (2002) and one of the other adits on the beach.

Carbis bay is quite a good place for exploring as well as radiation hunting. When we explored this mine in 2001, the barrier to the opening of the adit was not there. Just as you enter the adit, there is a reasonable amount of pitchblende in the rock wall on the right hand side.

Unfortunately the entrance has been blocked off by a metal barrier (above) which would require removal before exploration, however, we at Aztec Research cannot condone destruction of public property in the course of exploration*.

The adit above is at the end of the left side of the bay as you approach it from the road. At the end of the right hand side of the bay are two adits which extend into the cliff for some distance. We tested both of them from radioactivity and found nothing, however, they are both worth exploring.

This mine was a tin mine and the occurrence of uranium ore (pitchblende) was secondary.



* Bullshit